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Ritual is a cross-platform mobile application with a range of audio guided practices that can help boost and sustain wellbeing. Rather than focusing on a single practice, Ritual shares a diverse range of expert-guided wellbeing practices to find what works for each user. The app collaborates with renowned scientific, spiritual and cultural leaders to build their wisdom into guided audio experiences


Ritual engaged Remedy to build a minimum viable product (MVP) in 3 months to receive seed funding.


Remedy focused on the development of a mobile app and a flexible CMS system. Ritual successfully raised a seed round led by PivotNorth Capital.


  • Remedy released the first version of the iOS platform and CMS app after 3 months. The team focused on gathering qualitative and quantitative user feedback to inform the product roadmap. Over the next 6 months the team added new features, improved existing features, and released an Android app.
  • Ritual started working with Remedy in August 2019 and has built a strong integrated partnership. The combined team continues to work together on new feature development to continue to create a deeper well being experience, grow the user base, and expand the expert community. In addition to software development, Remedy is heavily involved in improving feedback tools and methodologies to engage users and create the best possible experience.

Business Impact

Ritual raised a seed round led by Tim Connors (Midas List #95) of PivotNorth Capital. The team is seeing consistent user growth, increased user engagement, and revenue growth via subscriptions.







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